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Centra-Pod (enclosure only)

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The Centra-Pod’ is a fantastic addition to your Jeep CJ7, CJ8 or YJ sound system.  This unique speaker housing rests in front of the shifters and directs sound toward both the driver and passenger.  The Centra-Pod’ is available empty so you can add your own speakers and is also offered with Kicker�� 5.25′ or Kicker�� 6.5′ speakers! (Note: some 6.5′ speakers may/may not fit in the Centra-Pod’.)  When you purchase the empty version of the Centra-Pod’, it comes with pre-cut holes meant to accept most 5.25′ speakers, so if you wish to add your own 6.5′ speakers, you will probably have to cut the holes larger with a rotary cutout tool or a jig saw.  Check the fit of the grilles that come with those speakers because some 6.5′ grilles are quite large and may not fit on the face of the pod correctly.  (When you buy the pod offered with the Kicker�� 6.5′ speakers included, it will arrive with the holes already precut specifically for those speakers.) 

Constructed of sturdy, textured plastic, the Centra-Pod’ will stand up to abuse for years to come and compliment your vehicle’s interior with a factory appearance. The Centra-Pod’ installs easily, mounting to the floor with two hex-head self-tapping screws. A concealed wire lead hole located at the rear of the unit makes for a tidy installation. All hardware, poly-fill, and instructions are included.

The Centra-Pod’ fits most ’76-’95 CJ7, CJ8 and YJ Wrangler models. Some earlier CJ models may not allow for placement of the pod in front of the shifters, but may allow for placement on the other side of the shifters, closer to you. The unit can also fit earlier models with minor modifications, as well as many trucks and SUV’s. If your vehicles has a flat stretch across the transmission hump you can simply flip the pod on its’ flat backside instead!  To help determine the fit, you’ll need to know the Centra-Pod’ requires about 6″ depth and about 6″ of height clearance at top/center.  You can call us with a tape measure in-hand while near your vehicle if you’d like to better ascertain fitment probability, if you’re in doubt.

The Centra-Pod’ fits most ’76-’95 CJ7, CJ8 and YJ Wranglers

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 8 in


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